Quarries related to the downloads and other technical aspects

From the time of its introduction in 2011 the online gamble gaming site has grown exponentially with respect to the number of downloads and usage of the applications and number of visits to the gaming sites. Therefore to reach the mark of 1 million downloads, seemed almost like a cake walk for a online gamble gaming site like MEGA888 within few years of its introduction into the market. The achievement so huge almost seemed impossible to other similar online gaming sites. This feat was possible only because of the perfectionist attitude of the company and also because of it’s aim to prove good quality gaming material to its customers. If one goes about analysing about what made the task possible, the answer lies in the ease of downloading and it’s availability by supporting various softwares specific to respective electronic devices. Also the customer support service which is ready to respond in case of issue arising with respect to downloads and other transaction related issues. The process of downloading and registering has been made far too simple with least time taking activity of hardly 10-15 minutes. This makes one to download, register and start playing instantly without causing much delay.

How does the downloading work

Any first time user is advised to follow the protocol of logging in In a safe and secure. First the person availing the services should create free account from demo details provided on the website all by contacting agents to do the same for them immediately.

In order to make the whole process of registering login easy the agents are available through WhatsApp telegram live add web chat etc. the agents also provide their services to continue with the transactions that happened throughout the time off the play smoothly in case of any doubts arising within the play about the amount of money gathered and spent.  With such detailed effort from the company put in use over a period of time has helped increase the number of downloads. Also the downloads have been made available in the form of apk files for android systems and iOS has the specific could conversion service to choose from making it apt for any form of device. The details entered during  transaction have been made leak proof Fromm attacks of 3rd party apps and the banking portals are well protected by the sponsorship from the respective banking apps.