How much do you know about a hand in Poker?

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A hand in poker consists of the formation of a good combination of five cards. To do this, the player will need to form it between his own and community cards. There are better combinations than others, so it is advisable to know in advance what the types of hands are in poker and thus be able to recognize when your chances of winning a game increase.Visit this site for Dewapoker.

Below we leave you the classification of the hands, whose order is from the most valuable to the least:


flush: It consists of forming a ladder from ten to an ace with five cards of the same suit. It is important to note that in this game all suits have the same value. Click here for Dewapoker.

Straight flush

It consists of a straight flush consisting of five cards of the same suit.


It consists of three cards of the same value together with two cards of the same value. An example would be 3 aces and two kings, which would be called a “full of aces with kings”.

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It consists of gathering five cards of the same suit, without the need for them to be consecutive numbers. To determine the value, it is guided by the highest card in the hand. 


Consists of gathering five cards with consecutive numbers, but of different suits. Depending on the numbers put together, the ace can be the highest or lowest card.


It is formed when you manage to collect three cards of the same value. Although the combinations can be many, experts agree that the best trio consists of three aces, a king and a queen.

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Double pair

This hand is achieved by joining two cards of the same value with two other cards of the same value. The best combination of this style consists of two aces, two kings and a queen.


This combination is achieved by putting together two cards of the same value. For example: two aces. 

Highest card

This combination consists of having any hand that does not match any of the already explained. For example: A, K, O, J, 9 of different suits. 

Blind levels

It refers to the parameters of the game and how many chips to bet, which change at regular intervals of time. This information can be found in the tournament lobby and it is extremely important that you keep an eye on its structure variables.