Using your Mind to Win Online Poker Tournaments

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Have you ever been excluded from an online tournament with the intention of literally offending someone? You put a great block of wood, and he fell in love with the challenge, being far behind, only to suck the river. A player doubled over. You stayed to fight inside the country. This is the essence of online tournament success. This is the fact that you must understand, overcome and overcome this inner struggle because above all your emotions will limit your success in cara main poker.

Let it be said again more clearly

Your emotions will strictly limit your potential profit in a poker tournament to the extent that you cannot control them. Compare this with sports such as hockey, baseball and football, where emotions can lead a player to greatness, can paralyze his poker career. You can learn all the skills you need from the excellent poker books, DVDs and TV poker productions available to you. However, when it comes to real practice, such skills are difficult to implement. For example, you hold a 10-cut pocket with two limpers in the front, one early. You lift 3 1/2 times the blind to try to face it. Surprisingly, the big blind raises you 6 times as much, about half your stack. Then the limper from the initial position returns up, all inside. The other limper bends and returns to you. Do you really have the opportunity to reset here? What if you were holding Jacks or even Queens? You see, knowledge is one thing, and discipline is another.

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Discipline and emotion often conflict. Success in tournaments will be achieved only when their discipline can effectively change the opponent’s emotions towards themselves. Since emotions control most of your opponent’s actions, you will feel a huge advantage in this regard, but only when you become the master of your emotions. 

In summary

You will not make money in each tournament, but each tournament will be profitable as a long-term strategy. After studying and using my mental abilities in poker, you will be taken to each tournament as one of the favourites. Sun Tzu in The Art of War says: “In drawing attention to the benefits of my advice, take advantage of any beneficial circumstances that go beyond the usual rules. Therefore, you can be a good player at this time, even very well informed, but if your success is still limited, now is the time to look inside yourself and start learning again.