Types of symbols of online slots


Today, online casinos offer you endless possibilities on how to play slot machines , without having to bother to go to the casino closest to home. The passage of slots to virtual has allowed the multiplication of these games: there are so many now that it has become very difficult to find your way around pg888th.

As for the symbols, even after decades of technological advances, the more traditional ones have resisted. Of course, not without a restyling work, but it is still possible to find the classic symbols of the slot machines, like the ones you read in our preview.

But what and how many types of slot machine symbols are there?

◉  Basic symbols

◉  Wild symbols

◉  Scatter symbols

◉ Bonus symbols

◉  Multiplier symbols

◉ Stacked  symbols

◉  Sticky symbols


 The basic symbols of slot machines

They are the standard symbols of your favorite slots and so we won’t go too far. Surely you have noticed that in the vast majority of slots, the basic symbols are represented by the five playing cards that make up the maximum scale:

◉  10

◉  Jack

◉  Women

◉  Re

◉  Axes

However, some slot games do not use playing cards, but other symbols more inherent in the theme. It is not mandatory that tens, jacks, queens, kings and aces are the basic symbols of the slot, although as mentioned it happens in many games.

Wild symbols

Wild symbols are a special type of symbol found in practically every slot. These symbols can substitute for all the others to create winning combinations, a bit like the jokers of card games (and in fact in some cases they are referred to as wild symbols). The only type of symbol that the wild cannot usually replace is the scatter. Among the wild symbols, there are three other sub-types:

◉  Expanding wild

◉  Walking wild

◉  Sticky wild

◉  Multiplier wild

Expanding wilds , better known as expanding wilds , can change their size, thereby increasing the odds of being part of a winning combination. Walking wild symbols, on the other hand, remain on the reels for several spins, moving from left to right until they exit the game.

Sticky wilds are similar: they hold their position on the reels for more than one spin, increasing the chances of winning. Finally, wild multipliers add the opportunity to increase the prize size of winning combinations.