Types of poker games, and how to play them

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Draw poker

We have already mentioned the so-called Draw Poker, a family of games where usually there is little information but we have on the other hand the possibility to change some cards of our hand. The Italian poker is part of these games, more precisely in the Five-Card Draw. We must also absolutely mention the California Lowball and Badugi , games in which the aim is to form the lowest possible point. In both games there are no straights and the strongest achievable point is similar: in the California Lowball you try to have 5-4-3-2-A; in Badugi the points are made up of a maximum of four cards and therefore the aim is to make 4-3-2-A with different suits 대전홀덤.

We could then mention the Deuce to Seven , where there are straights and the ace is the highest card. Here the best combination is therefore 7-5-4-3-2. We close by also naming the Shotgun , a Draw Poker which is actually followed by a Stud type phase, which we are now going to analyze.

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Stud poker

In the USA, Stud became very popular in the 1970s and has been played in a number of ways ever since. Even in the famous film Rounders he makes an appearance in some scenes. Let’s talk about that poker in which players are dealt hole cards and other face up cards. The information is therefore incomplete and we must continually be careful about what the opponents might have. The best known Stud is probably Seven card Stud , where players are dealt two hole cards and one face up at the start of the hand. At the end of the hand, each participant still in the game has a total of three cards face down and four face up. The Five Card Stud is the oldest and that is also present in some old movie. It is played with one card face down and four face up cards each, with four betting rounds. The strategy is simpler, as you can imagine. There are also Mexican Stud and Canadian Stud. We can then also mention the Teresina with the reduced deck, the Caribbean Stud which is played against the dealer and the Oxford Stud which also uses community cards.

Mixed Games and other variants

If you don’t know which variant to choose and you like them all, then there is the Mixed Games. For example, you can play HORSE . which includes: Hold’em, Omaha, Razz, Stud and Eight or Better.