The Secrets Of Making Qiu Qiu An Amazing Game

The Secrets Of Making Qiu Qiu An Amazing Game


Playing DominoQQ is so much fun. The game has been existing for centuries. It has been played by generations of young and young at heart. Who fails to remember spending time playing dominoes with family, friends, and playmates. It is an ideal classic game we are all affectionate of. The game becomes a part of the culture in the world. In the record, the game of dominoes has started from China on12th century. But, artifacts are pointing its origin. The game first became well-known in Italy during the 18th century. It is immensely famous all around Europe and the world. Today, there are quite a few versions of the game. Each version has own twist according to the state it has originated. Each of the game rules depends on the place of origin.

Learn each domino’s role

It is not easy to learn what are dominoes roles. If you know the primary components, then it would be that difficult. You have to learn how the tiles function individually and altogether. A domino has 2-inch long in the form of a small tile. It has 1-inch wide and a thickness of 3/8. Every tile represents 2 dice. The tile will be the bone. Double-six is the most popular set of domino.


Tiles are named according to the numbers of dots. The lower number is listed as the first. For instance, a tile that has 2 on one end and 6 on the other side end will be called as 3 – 5. The tiles having the same number on both ends will then be called the double. Now, if you are holding a tile with numbers 3 – 3, it is called “double-three”.  Double-six will be the heaviest value and will be the lightest is the double-blank. Tiles having the same number on ends, in the game rules, it belongs to a similar suit.

Draw dominoes rules

When it comes to dominoes, there are several versions of the game. The draw is the most common domino game; it has a very easy rule to play. The game starts with shuffling the tiles on the table. By mixing it using hands, the tiles will be placed face-down. Each player must choose 7 domino tiles if there are 2 players. If there are 3 or 4, each player must select 5 tiles. Tiles are placed in front where you can see them. But, make sure that the tiles are well-hidden from the sneaking opponent.  The player that holds double will start the game.