Among the many online casino games, Fun88 บาคาร่า was able to stand the test of time through centuries. It was popular in 15th-century soldier bivouacs. Today, the glamorous Las Vegas casinos and online casinos, such as 188Bet APK, make it even more loved.

Baccarat is one of the oldest and most popular card games across the globe. Although its origin is still unclear, there is a written record of the game from the 19th century. All other accounts about the game before this time are all considered hearsay. The possible scenarios of how the game started are interesting.

Ancient China

One account said that Baccarat came from the Chinese Pai Gow tiles game. The basis was that the meaning of Pai Gow is “make nine” while nine is the best score in Baccarat. There is no historical evidence but people are actually amazed by this idea.

Ancient Rome

Another presumption traced the roots of Baccarat to Ancient Rome. There was a ritual where vestal virgins cast dice to determine their faith. An 8 or 9 signified their future as a high priestess. A 6 or 7 meant the revoking of the vestal virgin. Any other number would cost her life, making her walk into the sea and drown.

Ancient Italy

Marco Polo introduced the Chinese game, Pai Gow, to Italy in the late 1290s. Card games were not popular yet because playing cards were scarce. The printing press was not yet invented so dice games were abundant. Playing cards became well-known with the invention of the printing press. There were many new card games that proliferated. People started the adaptation of older games so they can play them with cards.

Plenty of people consider France as the place of origin of Baccarat. Historic evidence proves otherwise. It points to Italy as the birthplace of the game. Tarrochi was an Italian card game in the 1300s. There was no proven correlation between Baccarat and that game. People still believed it could be the predecessor of all card games.

Ancient France

In the 19th century, people pointed out France as Baccarat’s origin. The Official Rules of Card linked it to the Vingt-et-un games, which is French for 21.


The Italian Felix Falguiere plays a huge role in the history of Baccarat. People consider him as the inventor of the modern form of Baccarat using Tarot cards.  For others, it was the Italian game, Macao, where modern-day Baccarat came from. This game is often referred to by many as the Italian Baccarat.