Terms That You Should Know As A Beginner At Slot Games

Terms That You Should Know As A Beginner At Slot Games

Have you finally decided to play slot games off lately? If so, you need to know some of the common terms that are used in playing slot games. These games would seem impossible to get right if you don’t know these terms. However, it is no rocket science. You just need about 15 minutes to get all the terms in your head. Here’s all that you need to know to get started.


Paylines are the lines that determine whether it is a win or loss. These lines are situated across the set of reels in the slot machine. Paylines work vertically, horizontally, and diagonally based on what game it is. When there is a row of similar symbols on a payline, you call it a win.


Payout is what every slot game player’s favourite word. Payout is the amount of money that you win when you encounter success in a game. Your payout depends on two factors- when the same symbols fall on the payline and the kind of bet you place.

Bonus games

Bonus games are the games that you get to play as a special round. These can be placed anywhere between the level of games depending on what game you are playing. Bonus game can even be an extra chance to play the game or a free spin. The kind of bonus game that you would get to play depend a lot on what the theme of the game is.


The symbols are what help you visually understand if you have won or lost. Symbols are the pictures or images that you see on the slot. When all similar symbols align, it is a win. But if even one symbol differs from the rest, you lose the slot.


When you play a spin game, the wheels rotate when you press the spin button. Each reel has a number of symbols. When all the same symbols align, you get a payout. There’s a random number generator that determines when the reel would stop spinning.

Whether it is a lights slot game or any other slot game for that matter, all of these terms would help you understand the slot games and start playing. Also, once you know these terms, you’d be able to understand the rules of each game when you go through the information.