Playing Poker on several tables at the same time is one of the advantages of playing online. It is an effective way of increasing your winnings. Players have different preferences when it comes to arranging tables for multi-tabling. Some cascade them, and others tile them. Some players prefer to stack them. The more tables you play, the more money you earn. Simple, right? Well, not quite. A lot of people commit errors and mistakes when choosing to play on multi-tables. Avoid making the same mistakes when playing PokerGalaxy.

More tables mean more money.

Math in multi-tabling is not as easy as you think it is. Let us have an example. You play four tables at the same time with a wage of ten dollars per hour. Then you should have twenty dollars if you play with eight tables. Correct? Wrong. The attention you can give to each table decreases as you add more tables. The marginal utility will lessen and can even become a negative value. You will earn less money, unlike when you play with the best number of tables. The optimal amount of tables you should play depends on each player. It is best to choose that will make you feel comfortable when playing. You also have to consider a number that will never let you time out.

Many tables mean a steep learning curve.

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You learn more as you play more games. Your skills will improve, and that will increase your edge over your opponents. That will lead to a higher hourly wage. The problem when you play with multi-tables is the decrease in the learning effect. Playing a lot of tables at once will not let you notice small things. The cause and effect of all actions at Poker tables are vital if you want to learn more. You will not be able to understand these if you play too many tables.

More tables mean moving up faster.

It is not true at all. You earn less per hour if you exceed the most desirable number of tables. Your learning becomes reduced, and you play like a robot, moving and clicking the cursor too fast. Adjusting is crucial when playing on higher limits. You will also find building up the knowledge and skills on lower limits more affordable. Playing on too many tables at the same time will make it challenging to beat the next higher restriction.

You have to understand that you should not play on more tables than you can handle. You know yourself better so you have to decide on the number of tables you can play best.