Set your seat belts to enjoy บอลโลก 2018 ถ่ายทอดสด

Football is one of the well known sports around the world, its popularity and achievements are not hidden from anyone. The boom of this game is huge around many European countries as well others such as United States, Spain etc. like every year, this year also the joy of บอลโลก 2018 ถ่ายทอดสด  will get to see. People are excited and eagerly waiting for football world cup 2018.

FIFA world cup 2018

FIFA; a brief introduction:

These football tournaments such as world cups or league tournaments are officially organized by an international federation Known as FIFA, who is responsible for organizing Football tournaments at international level. This football federation is generally plays the role of sole organizer of football and related events or tournaments. This year too, the celebration and joy of world cup is going to be the same.

FIFA world cup 2018:

This year, the world cup tournament is going to take place in Russia. The dates and team schedule has been declared by the organizers, they are certainly going to begin from 14TH of June and will run till 15th of July. This is the first time after 2006, a European country is hosting FIFA world cup at their space.

Highlights of this tournament:

This football world cup tournament is going to be mind blowing because of various factors, some of them are mentioned below;

  • The tournament will include 32 teams from different nations and they will be divided eight significant groups starting from Group A to Group H likewise.
  • Out of these 32 countries that are going to play this year’s world cup, 20 nations are those who are reappearing in the tournament.
  • Countries such as Panama and Iceland are taking part in this tournament for the very first time.
  • There will be total 64 matches which will be played in 12different venues that are located in 11 cities.
  • The ultimate highlight is the final match venue, as this will be played in Luzhniki Stadium one of the most beautiful and bigger stadiums around the world, this is located in Moscow, capital city of Russia.
  • Like every year, this year too, the winner will directly qualify for the 2021 FIFA world cup.
  • Matches are going to be played on a basis of round robin where the top two troupes of each groups will proceed to the round 16.

Therefore, บอลโลก 2018 ถ่ายทอดสด is going to bring joy and excitement among football lovers as this year’s tournament is going to be completely different and enthusiastic. If you are one of those who are seeking to visit Russia to enjoy this game live, book your tickets and enjoy various pre-booking offers in your travel.