Poker Tournament Strategy to Play and Win

One of the biggest drawbacks of any player in a poker tournament is the trap of playing too many hands. This trap often leads many poker players to leave the tournament much sooner than they should, and without profit.

The main objective of any poker player must be to win money in a poker tournament, and to achieve this you must first study the disciplines of choosing hands before the flop, both in a live game and in online poker.

Give yourself a chance to win

If you play too many hands from the beginning and take small boats, you will probably start collecting your chips, however, statistically; it is almost impossible to win every hand or every race. Therefore, if you want to give yourself the chance to win, or at least get money, you must slow down and be more precise when choosing your starting hand.

Many poker players never give themselves the chance to win, because they want to try to collect their stack in the first rounds at a time. The reality is that a successful player builds slowly and maintains his stack without giving too much to his opponents.


Right hand at the right time

Choosing the right hand at the right time is the main secret weapon when you play Poker. Especially because too often the hands that are distributed online seem good to withdraw. Connectors with high suits, aces and faces, aces and intermediate pairs seem to be distributed more frequently online than in live games.

Because of this, poker players play too many hands and end up getting involved in jackpots that can’t win. A little discipline and time can help solve this problem and help any player delve into online poker tournaments.

Online poker strategy

Since online poker sites use computer-generated programs and algorithms to distribute cards, the real odds do not work. Therefore, it is even more important to be careful when starting your hands. It is a well-known fact that pocket aces have a very good chance of winning any live tournament, but they often lose online.


The reason for the many bad punches you see on the Internet is the direct result of the use of software algorithms used in online poker sites. By choosing the right time to play and choosing the right cards to play, you can avoid bad shots and potentially have the opportunity to make it much deeper in any online poker tournament.