Online Poker Play Basics

Playing poker online is a popular game and can be played by anybody irrespective of the age. It’s a fun game. But in order to get profits, one must know the basics of playing Poker Online Indonesia.

How is the game played?

Just like a traditional game, it is played with a pack of 52 cards which has 13 ranks of cards namely 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, Ace, King, Queen, Jack. These ranks are used on 4 types of card suites namely diamond, club, heart and spade.

There will be rounds of replacing and taking cards along with betting while you add money to the common pot. The amount of money depends on the type of game you are playing. Players either anticipate or make blind contribution to the common pot based on the card received or replaced. The basic terminology used by players is:

Bet: Bets are placed when there are no bets on the table.

Raise: Used to increase the bet amount on the table.

Call: It’s a way to call off the bet or match the bet on the table

Fold: This applies if the player chooses not to match and then he will surrender his cards and his chance of winning the pot. Basically, he will be out of the game.

Check: Used when there is no bet on the table. Players bet zero and then pass on the bet someone else.

What do the cards mean?

  1. Royal Flush:

A series of cards from Ace to 10 in the same suit is called a Royal rush. For example, if you under the suit club, if you have Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10, then it’s a royal rush.

  1. Four of one kind: It is basically if you get a same card in all different suites. For example, if you get Queen or any other card one in diamond, one in club, one in heart and one in spade.

You can even have 3 of a kind set while playing Poker Online Indonesia.

  1. Straight flush: It is a sequence of numbers in the same suit and colour.
  2. Full house: This means 3 cards of one type and the other of another value (same value but). No restriction to the suit.
  3. Flush: IT is five cards of the same suit but might not be of the same values or a particular sequence.

A poker bot will only play with known patterns of the game. It can only make statistical analysis of the game. If there is a change in your pattern, it can’t respond.