Online Casino Account Blocked: What Could Be The Reason?

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Imagine this. You’re playing poker at your favorite online casino dewapoker and you choose to rest and decide to continue playing the next day. However, the next day you attempt to log in to your account, you found out it is blocked. Then several things started to run into your mind — your funds, your winnings and all. And then you start asking what happened.

First of all, pull yourself together and stay calm. Help yourself by understanding what could be the possible reasons for an online casino to block an account. If you do this, you may be able to figure out why your account has been blocked.

Common Online Casino Account Handling Issues

Reasons for blocking an account vary depending on the online casino’s rules and policies. Good thing is that online casinos are clear and direct about why they could possibly block an account. It is often found in the online casino’s terms and conditions page or FAQ’s page.

Here are some of the common reasons why an online casino blocks an account:

Failed Login Attempts

This is, in fact, one of the most common reasons an account may be blocked and one of the simpler ones to get resolved as well. Your account may be blocked if you’ve entered an incorrect username or password multiple times. Another reason is that an unauthorized person tried to access your account.

Having several failed login attempts can often prompt security protocol to restrict you from accessing your account. You may need to contact the casino’s customer service to unlock your account. Don’t be surprised about this. This is not only an online casino’s policy, but almost all websites also do this security measure.

Account Verification Issues

When creating an online casino account, you are asked to provide documents to verify your identity. Deposit or withdrawal requests cannot be processed if you won’t be able to provide the said documents. Failure to provide these documents can cause suspension of your account.

Violation of Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions vary for every casino. In case you violate any of its terms and conditions, the online has the right to block your account.

This is, in fact, another common reason an account can be blocked. It is because players fail to read terms and conditions before they register and play.

Playing Poker Online

Detected Duplicate Account

Generally, you are only allowed to create and register one account for an online casino. Having a duplicate account can be detected, the reason why your account can get blocked – both accounts will be blocked. This is not worth the risk. Because when this happens, it is also possible that funds in your account will be frozen and getting them back may be quite difficult. 

Fraudulent activity or information

Online casinos will ask you to provide information and you are required to provide the correct information as well. If you supply fraudulent information to them, this is a ground for the casino to seize your account. Fraudulent information can be the name, age, address, and other identity documents. The most common is the player’s age. If you registered and you are under the legal age of playing online casino, your account will be blocked or totally deleted.

Your account can be blocked as well once they detect that you are engaging in any fraudulent activity. This includes unauthorized use of credit cards or any other deposit processes. This does not only violate the online casino’s terms and conditions, but this is also a violation of the law. Doing any fraudulent activity won’t be difficult to detect. Once you are caught, you can be charged with a crime.