List of Celebrities Addicted to Poker Games in the Hollywood

List of Celebrities Addicted to Poker Games in the Hollywood

There must be a basis of why Hollywood is located near Vegas. Most of the best Poker industry is situated in the city which is 277 miles apart only and can be traveled via private plane, which means that celebrities are having easy access to.

It’s not new that most big names in the entertainment industry are addicted to different kinds of judi bola, whether online or offline. Some celebrities are more than a hundred percent addicted to this game.

With that said, listed above are the names of the biggest celebrities who love to spend their money on Poker.

Ben Affleck

One of the widely known actors in Hollywood who’s addicted to playing casino games is the Batman Actor, Ben Affleck.  The actor’s passion for playing this kind of game has led him to some serious cases. He is just so good at playing cards that he took down the house at the Hard Rock.

Affleck proved it that sometimes, being good is not that good. He was tapped by security in Blackjack Hard Rock Casino and was told to leave the place. The owners of the said Casino were annoyed with the fact that Affleck managed to win $145000 in just a single lucky night and he distributed it to the dealers, cocktail waitresses, and pit bosses.

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Tiger Woods

Rumors have it that aside from his ability to play golf like a pro and winning ladies hearts like cupid, Woods is also one of the celebrities who are enjoying the luck of playing Judi bola. He can bet money as much as $25000 in a single hand for a night at Blackjack. With this amount of bet, he usually can luckily win $1m.

Pamela Anderson

This Baywatch star is also one of the female celebrities who spends her leisure time playing poker. It is said that her lose ended her up with a marriage with the actor Rick Solomon. Aside from the feelings developed over the two, it is also said that the marriage was because of the result of a $250000 bet that Pamela lost against the actor. 

Matt Damon

After Matt Damon spent $25 000 to make him ready for the role in the movie called Rounder’s, he acquired a lot of skills. And, one of these is the actor’s card skill which is a great way to show it off in any poker competitions in Vegas.

Tobey Maguire

The Spiderman star was once sued for being involved in an illegal poker gaming. He is also a well-known loser but a great player at the same time. This is the technique he is known for which has given him the chance to take a lot of impressive wins over the past years in the poker industry.

Charlie Sheen

This list would be boring without Charlie Sheen. On the time of his divorce with the Hollywood star Denise Richards, it was discovered that Sheen spent over $200 000 a week playing this game of luck. And while they were on their way to the hospital for the birth of their child, Sheen contacted his friend to bet on a major sporting event even without his presence.