If you master this skill, I guarantee you will become the winner of the poker tournament


After participating in hundreds of poker tournaments, there is a skill that guarantees that you win the tournament player. You probably heard about this skill and you think you understand what it means, but if you don’t have a WSOP bracelet or you haven’t achieved outstanding success in the tournament, you don’t.

Let me tell you what kind of skill it is, what it really means and how to improve.

  1. The most important skill in a poker tournament is to play with players, not with your cards.

Most players have heard this skill before, but they don’t really understand it. Or, if they get it, they rarely use it after the tournament begins. It could, be you?

  1. What does this skill really mean?

Let me explain what the game of the players really means. Tournament players have habits that they tend to demonstrate. These habits give you a clear idea of ​​what you think and how you feel the power of your hands. The most notable sequence in players is their betting patterns.

As an example:


You are on the button with 2-2. The blinds are $ 50-100. A solid player goes up to $ 300, and everyone leaves you. You have 4000 dollars and your opponent has 4000 dollars. In this situation, your opponent may have large premium cards, medium pairs, two Broadway cards or A-x or higher. In this situation, given the implied probabilities, I would like to name.

Does this make sense?

Another example: the same blinds with everyone with $ 4000. This time you are in the big blind. A player in the middle position goes up to $ 300, and another player on the button calls. You look down and find the right J-10. Are you calling

  1. What is the best way to play players and not your cards?

Here are some ways to improve this skill.

The best way is to participate in tournaments whose objective is to identify opportunities in which you can play with players to win the jackpot.


The unlimited https://mania.promo/ tournament is the accumulation of chips, the theft of blinds and jackpots, the game of players, not your cards. Know your opponents. Know the range of hands that play preflop in these situations. Look at the flop and determine if it is a flop in which you can fool your opponent. Even if you don’t have a better hand, you can win the jackpot because you play as a player.