How to win the lottery – TOP working methods

So, there are about as many game methods as there are players. Thousands of participants are sure that they are following the only true winning strategy, simply “their time has not come yet.” And this, from a mathematical point of view, is an absolute truth: all strategies have approximately equal chances of winning.

However, several methods make these chances more real. And if at least a few players these tips help improve their well-being, then the selection was not in vain.

Method 1. Lottery Syndicate

This method is especially popular with foreign “lottery players”. A group of people purchases tickets to the chipper, and then distribute the winnings according to the shares contributed.

Without a special mathematical education, it is clear that the more tickets you purchase, the higher the chances of winning. Syndicates use this elementary principle for their purposes. The easiest way to organize a syndicate is to offer this to your friends.

Practical advice

Never play in a syndicate, borrowing money from other participants, and do not let yourself borrow a game either. It is noted that such actions lead to negative results or conflicts in the event of a win.

The multi-run approach

Another simple method 138bet 10 free bet to increase your chances with minimal effort. Choose the combination of numbers that is most optimal in your opinion and put it several times ahead at once. Many lottery organizers have this option. No need to “warm your head” and think up strategies – put on your favorite numbers until the combination plays.

There are cases when people put such combinations for years, and what is most remarkable, in the end, they won.

Method 3. Game with a detailed rate

This option drastically ole777 sport increases the number of combinations. The strategy is suitable for games in which the player chooses winning numbers on their own. For example, in “5 of 36” you choose not 5, but 6 numbers or 7. And although such a ticket will cost you more, all combinations of the numbers you have proposed will play, and the winning amount in case of victory will increase significantly.

The regularity of such an event is regulated by the rules of the company, but at least once a year the organizer is obliged to distribute financial surpluses.

The big jackpot increases the size of the bet. Particularly large wins are most often found precisely in distribution runs. Sometimes the accumulated amount reaches a fantastic size, while the ticket price does not change. Simply put, you get more for the same money.

Psychological analysis

In any game, psychology matters. Lotto is no exception. We call this technique “Down with stereotypes!” It is based on the simple truth that most participants, choosing numbers, dwell on the first 60-70% of the options.