How to Play Golf

Golf is considered a luxury and leisure game. If you think that it is just a game of club and balls, you need to rethink. Playing golf requires strategy and mind. It does involve a bit of physical activity but thinking and contemplation are also required. Unlike other games, placing Handicap bets in golf can be quite difficult.

Unlike other games, a golf course does not have a specified measurement for the field. It can be played in many terrains. Playing gold can bring down your stress level. Golf can be a very good pastime.

What are the Rules of Playing Golf

Playing golf involves hitting the golf ball with the club and making it fall into a series of holes. You must try to make the ball hit the holes with the minimum number of strokes. A golf course can have 9 or 18 holes. You have to start the game by hitting the ball with the golf club. The golf ball is placed on the tee. You have to hit the ball and this way play your way through the 18 holes in the field. In case of 9 hole course, you need to play twice. There are no fixed numbers of players to play golf. Though it may seem quite easy, there are many strategies of playing the game properly. There are even stroke mechanisms for hitting the ball.

What is Golf Handicapping

In professional golf games, handicap systems are not used. Amateur golf players who are a member of the golf club are eligible for golf handicaps, provided they pay the annual fees. A Handicap is generally calculated to determine the playing potential of a player. Therefore, a player’s handicap varies and is adjusted according to a player’s score. There are several variables to be considered while calculating the handicap of a player. The slope of the golf rounds, the course rating, and the player’s recent scores are some of the factors to be considered while calculating the handicap. A handicap actually signifies how many strokes a golfer requires to play. Hence, a lower score signifies that the golfer is better.