How safe is online poker?


Online poker is no different from those played in casinos. The difference, of course, is that people play online through a computer.

Is this game safe compared to a regular casino game? The answer to this question, it depends.

Not all of these online casinos are honest. Some of them are scammers that release viruses that can damage the user’s computer. There are also those who steal money from the player.

It is reported that some sites do not give winnings to the player. An online fan88 casino does this on purpose with the hope of a refund.

Some sites may be insecure if there is collusion between players. If a person suspects any activity, it is advisable to contact support immediately. Site operators can verify this, as the computer keeps track of the hands of each player. Some sites have software to check for suspicious activity.

If a person still wants to play, being fully aware of the risks, here are some tips to avoid becoming a victim of these sites;

  1. Some sites offer free demos. The player must download this to see how good the software is and how good the graphics are.
  1. After downloading, it is better to see a few rounds. A person can check if there are enough tables for the limits that he wants to play.
  1. If a person is interested in tournaments, it is better to check whether the site offers a freeroll. This will allow the player to earn money to open an account.
  1. The most important thing to do before entering the site is to check the background. A person may ask other players if the winnings were paid on time. This can also be done by logging into the poker news group, which publishes information on the site under study.


You can play online poker by downloading it to your computer or playing through a browser. In any case, the player must first check if the program is compatible. It is also recommended to scan the program for viruses, as this can damage the computer.

There are many places to choose from that can be very fun. If there is more than one site that looks good, then playing on all of them will not hurt. The player must be ready to make some money and lose it.

Safe play has changed in the twentieth century. Technological developments have allowed people to play in the comfort of home, rather than drive to the เว็บคาสิโน casino for fun.


The risks of playing poker online are slightly different from those that are usually observed at the tables. A person does not see how other players react, which may indicate whether this hand won or not. Winning cannot be given immediately after each round.