Great Tips On How to Manage Your Dominoqq Bankroll

Money is the bridge that connects you to most online casino games. Every time you want to play Dominoqq online, you have to load your account. Knowing how to take care of this bridge is important if you want to maximize victory and minimize loses. For beginners and experts who want to maximize their winnings, here are the best ways to manage your bankroll.

Avoid the Auto Top-up Feature

Capitalizing on the use of the auto top-up feature during different Pokerqq sessions doubles your chances of running out of bankroll sooner than you expected. The auto top-feature has its own benefits since it keeps you stacked at the level you bought in for. Unfortunately, it dries out your bankroll quicker. Professional players who often will advise you keep this feature on but I don’t recommend doing so.

Stake the Least Amount Possible

The higher the amount you stake, the more you will win. Also, the higher the amount you stake, the quicker your stake will drain. Regardless of how big your bankroll is, if you don’t manage it properly, it will drain faster than you expected. You should not just stake any amount because you want to win more. You should only stake what you can comfortably lose. It is always recommended that you stake less than 20% of your existing bankroll.

Avoid Betting on Multiple Events

Betting on multiple events at once is never a good bankroll management strategy. When betting on multiple events, you have to stake very little and win very little in order for your bankroll to remain intact or bet the recommended amounts and drain your bankroll at once. The best way to bet on multiple events and not drain your bankroll is to adjust the percentage of the amounts you stake on each event. For instance, if you want to bet on 3 events and the recommended bet amounts for each are 47%, 43%, and 35% of your bankroll totaling to 125%, it will be better to adjust them to 40%, 35% and 25% in order to total to 100%.


While there are multiple bankroll management strategies that if mastered and followed will guarantee more winnings on Pokerqq, not all work for everyone.  Knowing which strategies work best for you is important if you want to succeed in your Dominoqq gaming experience. The outlined are some of the most effective tactics that are tested and proven to work. Be sure to check them out and try each of them to see which one works for you depending on your level of experience and expertise.  It will be best you start out with a small bankroll and keep increasing as your experience level increases and expertise improves.