Do’s and Don’ts In Playing Online Poker

Online Gambling

            It is part of human’s nature to feel nervous or intimidated when playing poker judi online for the very first time in the professional online card room. It is a good idea to begin your career at playing poker with low-limit games if you are not yet knowledgeable of the game’s strategies, and if you are then confident then you can proceed to higher stakes! Here are a few of the do’s and don’ts of poker etiquette:

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  • Until it is not yet your turn to act on your hand, wait. Not until the action gets to you, you should pay attention and do not call, bet, raise or fold your hand since this may create a real problem between the players.
  • It is your responsibility to protect the cards in your hand while your hand is still in play. Make sure that no one can peek through them and won’t get placed in the muck.
  • Don’t delay to turn your cards face-up at the showdown as your hand will get declared dead if you turn them face-down when the dealer calls for the players to show.
  • An unwritten rule in all card rooms is to show one, show all. If you are going to make another player at the table see your cards, you should be willing to let the rest see it once the hand is over.
  • Point out a mistake in a respectful tone if you see one. Speak up in a polite way if you happen to see these circumstances.
  • Be grateful for winning and be a good loser, never whine about your bad luck, as well as there is no need to be proud and gloat when winning.


  • Don’t slow up the game by taking up too much time when it is your turn to act, as it will also antagonize the other players. Call out time for the table to wait for you if you need a few extra moments to decide.
  • Don’t splash the pot by throwing them to pot yourself. Allow the dealer to reach it as this will let him have the chance to see how much you bet or raised.
  • It is a big no-no to string-raise. Have all the chips for both the call and the raise put out in one single motion if you are planning to raise or else you must call out raise before you even plan to put out any of your chips.
  • Never talk about the cards you have while the hand is still in process, you must wait until the hand is over to tell everybody what you could’ve made.
  • Relax, socialize, have fun, and don’t criticize the other players for poor playing as this will result in them to feel bad and may even leave the table (and you might not like the idea of them leaving since they will be your alas to make money).
  • Don’t blame the dealer for your bad cards since it is rude and you might even get expelled out of the playing room.

Whether you play live or situs judi online, you must be mindful of the proper etiquette to avoid conflict on the poker game you play. Have yourself researching for more about the game to improve your skills at playing. Good luck!