Cheating Playing Poker Cards with the Luminous Marks

The marked deck is one of the most unique presentation type of playing deck that are made with superb craftsmanship. In a meantime, nothing is changed in the appearance. To certain extent, Marked Cards Mall is used mainly in poker cheating devices while gambling and magic shows.  Being effective, mark is very conceal and scattered to detect. And without the professional guide, the marked deck is the normal original deck, but it improves your odds of winning invisibly.

​Playing cards are now representing a new way of playing or say cheating in the poker game. In the poker game, it is just impossible for the players to win several times depending on the luck. Even though you might know a lot of cheating tricks that will help you to win the game,  the tricks will not be used in each occasions. At such moment, poker cheating cards are useful to increase the winning odds. There are some professional company that provide a lot of best-quality of marked cards.

Marked decks are generally available in a lot of poker games, such as Omaha poker, Blackjack, Texas holdem poker & more. Just one deck of poker cards will satisfy your needs. These invisible luminous marks on the poker decks will last one year. Suppose you keep it on the seal box that is anti water & hot, then your cards will stay for a bit longer.

How can you mark the luminous playing cards?

Poker cheating cards are generally processed with the invisible ink that cannot be seen by normal eyes. In the appearance, there’s not any difference between the luminous poker decks & original decks. Their packages is the same. You will find nothing on the invisible ink marked cards in case you do not wear the special devices. The infrared lenses and sunglasses are used for detecting the luminous marks on back marked poker cards. Cheating lenses are generally made with the new technology that doesn’t  do any harm to eyes. The back marked cards are put on invisible marks on the cards. In such cards, you will see marks directly and clearly by wearing the invisible ink lenses and sunglasses. There’re generally four ways of marking:

1, Mark it with big fonts in a middle of cards.

2, Print it in big fonts & suits in middle of cards.

3, Mark only small numbers & suits on four sides.

4, Put small marks on white borders.