Types of bonuses offered in an online casino

An online casino has many attractive features and a prominent one among them is the bonus offered. This results in a mutual benefit for both the player and the casino. When you are paid a bonus , you play more with the site and so the casino earns more. The following are the types of bonuses offered.

  • The first kind of bonus that is paid to a new entrant is the welcome bonus. To attract you to join, each casino offers many varieties of bonuses. It is also equally important to be alert here so that you do not land up on a casino offering unrealistic bonuses. A welcome bonus is normally paid to the player when you join for the first time. To join a fun888 casino, you have to create an account on the website. You enter all details like your bank information, etc. As soon as registration is done, the casino credits to your account an amount called the bonus. This can be used to play games that are available on the site.


  • A no-deposit bonus is also offered by some casinos. Here, the casino offers bonuses even though you don’t deposit any money while joining. This is a great feature and must be utilized by players so that you get a good balance for playing the games. Not all casinos offer this type of bonus. Also, these are given away during periods of promotion as a one-time offer.
  • The deposit-linked bonus is the usual amount paid as a bonus in a casino. When you join a casino, you deposit some amount. An amount equal to this or some percentage of this is paid as a bonus. This is a very good deal since immediately on joining you get double the amount. This can help you play more games on the casino site. For example, if you deposit $100, you get a bonus as $100 or if it is 50%, you get $50 in your account immediately.
  • Free spins are the other types of bonuses offered. You get some spins as free in slot machines. This is to encourage you to play more. This way more income flows into the casino and you get your winnings too.
  • The loyalty bonus is yet another kind of bonus. When you play with the casino for a long period, they recognize you and pay you a bonus. This is paid to appreciate your loyalty towards the fun888 casino when so many others are available.

Right casino forum – factors to consider

Even though the online casino games are very easy to handle, the gamblers tend to have various hassles in choosing the best casino website. In order to get better idea on these factors they are making use of the online casino forum. The most unfortunate thing is in the initial days there were very less casino forums. But this is not the case in current scenario. Today many casino forums are overwhelming in the online market. Hence before trusting any casino forum, the gamblers can analyze certain factors. The factors which are to be analyzed before choosing a right casino forum are revealed in this article.


As the first and foremost thing, the gamblers must make note of the engagement in the online forum. This is because only if they are highly engaged, the casino forum can be declared to be active. And only such sources are highly trustable. Hence as the first step the gamblers must make note of this factor. They can refer the conversation, updates and other related aspects in order to know about the user’s engagement. In case if the forum has no recent updates or active conversations, they must be ignored without any kind of compromise.

Real data

The forum will have detail about the best online casinos, bonus offers and other related aspects. Hence one can check whether the details mentioned in them are real. There are some forums which tend to put fake data in order to earn money from the agents. Hence in order to remain on the safer side, one can check the data and can make confirmation by referring the respective website. If everything sounds to be real and honest, they can be trusted and can be used for other casino needs or the platform can be ignored.

Gambler reviews and feedbacks

Every casino forum will have a review page or a feedback page. The newbie can refer these factors in order to know about their reputation and honesty towards other gamblers in the market. In case, if the forum has any negative reviews or feedbacks, one should be more cautious. Such forums should not be utilized at any extent. This is because the gamblers may lose their money if they tend to make use of the information mentioned in the dishonest forum. Hence along with other factors, this must also be taken into account.