Capsa Susun: A Diamond Game To Give Fun!

Capsa Susun A Diamond Game To Give Fun!

Have you got fun in the card games? If not, then you are actually missing the entertainment. These days, there are lots of card games that are attaining popularity among people all over the world. Capsa Susun or named as Chinese Poker, is a game that has all the features of the traditional card game. In this game, a player will have to make three lines with thirteen cards and then make a comparison of each line with other players. It is good to know that it has a simple rule and strategy.

The main objective of the game is to make a speedy decision with a strategic thought. Once you have decided to play this game, it is a good idea to explore its features at the first step.

enjoy the adoring game capsa susun

Features to know

You will find the new vistas of the game by the Diamond games. It is a well-made game that provides with delightful and easy user experience because of its unique U.I and U.X. the game has below-mentioned features:

  • It supports a variety of platforms like iOS, Facebook and Google Play
  • It also gives support to the normal or fast mode
  • It offers rich in-game animation with good-looking U.I or U.X
  • It has a differentiated mission play system
  • The game has interesting in-game items that a player can use
  • You will get a premium VIP service with numerous selections
  • It offers coins free of cost and you will be going to avail a daily spin chance

Download now!

An interesting thing is that it is a special service that eliminates boredom from your life. A player can win total prize of more than 150000 diamond on a regular basis. There is a ranking transition to open. While playing the game, if you complete the mission, it gives you a coin and diamond.  Moreover, you will also avail daily attendance bonus. There are also emoticons in the game, which will help you to express your feelings.

So, if you have cravings to play this game, then you can download it from your respective play store. It can be easily availed from your play store like iOS, Google Store and many others. It is free of cost to play. But it is important to go through the essential instructions before playing it. So, what are you waiting for? Go online and enjoy the adoring game capsa susun. Have fun while using the new features of the game.