A Guaranteed Way to Earn on Every Hand of Online Poker you Play

A Guaranteed Way to Earn on Every Hand of Online Poker you Play

Everyone who plays poker is looking for a way to increase his advantage. Some play for money, others for fun, but everyone wants to win. There is an extremely simple process that allows you to significantly increase the amount of money you earn. This does not imply an advanced poker strategy or technique but is available to everyone who plays online poker. A simple thing ensures that you get a refund for each hand played. Help tournament players too.

Every casino and online poker site beats their games. This is how they win. However, online casinos are constantly competing with each other to gain market share. One of the ways in which they are trying to gain market share is to enter into partnership agreements with certain companies offering to share part of the rake received by the player with a subsidiary. Then these companies turn around and offer a piece of rake to the player who created it, to give them an incentive to play on this site. The incentive program for the player is called rakeback.

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In short, this means that you get about 20-35% (depending on the poker site and affiliate program you are using) the rake that you contribute. This may not seem like much, but when you see the difference, you understand that rakeback is an amazing thing. Many online players lose or lose. Rakeback will be enough to push them to victory without having to improve their game. The winning player can win even more. Rakeback is an opportunity to reduce wear, which is constantly used in house rakes.

The amount of rakeback is calculated by multiplying the percentage of rake you received by your monthly total rake (MGR). This is the amount of rake that is credited to your account on a monthly basis. Next month, the poker site will transfer your Rakeback directly to your judi poker online terpercaya account, usually before the 15th of the month.

Most sites earn 5% of each bank, up to a maximum of $ 3. Your MGR is calculated using one of three methods: distributed, contributed, and average contributed. The split method divides the rake by the number of players in the hand and assigns it to each player, regardless of the actual contribution. This is better for cramped players, as they are usually credited with an unfair part of the rake. The contribution of the method is simply the calculation of the percentage that each player contributed to the final bank, and then using this calculation to divide the player’s rake contribution. The third method is a cross between two others and calculates MGR, dividing an equal amount of rake between all players who deposit any amount to the bank. The method used is the most used. Some sites will deduct money from bonuses or other promotions from your MGR. Ask for details of on-site support and rakeback vendors.

Rakeback also works for tournaments. Just add a tournament fee to your MGR. This also applies to Sit and Go, players, so serious SnG players should take this into account in order to increase their ROI (return on investment). In fact, almost any player can increase their profits with the help of rakeback.