4 Legends of WCOOP That You Must Consider

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After another edition of the World Championship of Online Poker using Judi Online, it is normal to look at the numbers for the event. There were 82 tournaments in WCOOP and 82 more in mini WCOOP.

In this post we will talk about the countries’ performance in the most prominent positions, that is, the first three places. To better systematize this analysis and so you could track the performance of the nations involved in the series, we devised the WCOOP Medal Board here on the site. After the day’s tournaments were over, the table was updated immediately. And from it, we can reach several conclusions.

Judi Online

1) Russia is the Poker Country

When we talk about the Russians at the tables the reactions are passionate. No one is indifferent when mentioning a player from the land of vodka. If they are considered the worst players when it comes to WCOOP 2016, the opposite makes perfect sense too.

In the main competition of the WCOOP were 8 gold, 9 silver and 6 bronzes. Of 82 tournaments, 23 had a Russian on the podium. Vladimir Putin’s land had the second-best performance in the main track of the series. In the Mini WCOOP, the Russians reigned absolute with 15 spiked, 13 vices and 12 third. Quite a performance. Almost half of the events had an Oleg (Anatoly, Mikhail, Vladimir or Yevgueni) in the top three, including the Mini WCOOP-71, all the “medalists” were from Mother Russia.

2) Brazil Made it Beautiful

It took a while but we got a WCOOP in 2016. Player Guilherme Beavis, the tertulia, won the WCOOP-81 PL 5 Card Omaha and gave Brazil a gold in the series. If in “Serie A” Brazilians had a spike, a second-place, and nine thirds. Good regularity in the largest award ranges.

The best performance, however, would come at the Mini WCOOP, where until event 70 we had the lead in the frame. Second place with 10 gold, 12 silver, and 19 bronze is a result to celebrate and a lot. With good micro stakes players, the crop is guaranteed.

3) Argentina Impressed

Some great players like Ivan Lucá and Mario López impressed a lot. There were 3 spikes, including one from Negrin Lucá himself, and three silver. At WCOOP-16 he even had Heads-Up among Argentines. It was an impressive walk that surpassed countries like Denmark, Finland and… Brazil.

4) Uruguayan Race:

Another South American country that killed the WCOOP was Uruguay. The best player in the series, Fabrizio “SixthSenSe19” González, comes from there and contributed a lot to the four times that the Eastern Band took the podium (1 spike, 1 second and two thirds).