Many of us are already familiar with our technology today. We used different creations of technology today as part of our everyday life. It is the reality that we do not expect that will happen. As we see the things that surround us, we will see the numerous proof of how our world changed. We will see different structures and high tech devices that easily show how our society changed through these things. The changes that we see today are primarily because of the advanced technology that we have today. Aside from society, even the way of living of many people today shows how technology changed their lives. Because as we see our daily living today, we will see how technology created a big impact on our daily lives. If we compare our daily living back in the old times, we do not have any devices that we use as we woke up in the morning. But nowadays, people get their devices and use them as they wake up or start their day. It is the way many people of different ages start their day. It is their way of checking their messages, email, social networking sites, and many other things that we can do using our devices, like mobile phones.

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Nowadays, almost all of us are familiar with the Internet connection. It is the very trend and most popular creation of our technology today. We can connect to our family in different parts of the world or our country through the Internet. Aside from it, it is popularly used in the different business industries. That is why many people also used their devices for their work. They use their mobile phones in connecting to their work whenever they are not physically around at the office. In this way, they can still do their work and monitor the run of the business. This shows how powerful our Internet today is in the lives of many people and our society. But aside from work, it is also used for fun and entertainment.

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