Playing various online games in casinos is not easy and there is always a requirement to learn new tricks if one wants to win their hands. But one game that does not require much practice and knowledge is a slot. One can play slots easily and online casinos provide one with various options and choices to choose from. There are progressive slots, video slots, and general reel slots for those who are comfortable with them. For playing slots, one simply needs to be well acquainted with the terms and components of slots at บอลไหล. These components are:


One of the most major component that needs to be paid attention to the pay lines. These lines can run in any way like diagonal, straight horizontally, or in a zigzag manner. Basically, these lines created by the symbols on the slot machines, and they decide what will be paid to the player based on their bet. A slot machine can 9 pay lines to 25 pay lines and even in video slots, one can find up to 100 pay lines. The number of pay lines is equivalent to the number of winning combinations and thus the number of chances to win.

Scatter symbols

Scatter symbols are those symbols that can land on one slot screen randomly. They are ones that are used to unlock various bonuses, promotions, free spins, etc. If one gets a certain number of scatter symbols then they can get a bonus or a free spin depending on the giveaway. These scatter symbols are also responsible for unlocking multipliers while playing slots.

Wild symbols

Wild symbols are equivalent to winning symbols. If one gets a combination of signs but have a sign missing and in that place, there is a wild symbol then the pay line is completed at บอลไหล. Therefore one can say that wild symbols are jokers of the slots, and it can complete an incomplete payline. However wild symbols cannot be used to complete a combination of bonus symbols or scatter symbols.


These are a type of bonus symbols that are used to multiply the winnings by a certain number. If one wins a combination and has hit the slot with 10 coin bet, then having a 2x multiplier will double the winning by making it 200 coins. Having a multiplier land on the slot combination can be quite a help to increase the winning but these symbols are quite rare as well.

Final words

Online slots are easy to understand ones one gets the hand of the type of symbols of it. One should also learn about the hit frequency and return to the player before choosing any slot machine to play. This will help in understanding how often one can win and how much one will win.